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How To Create Users and Log in to a Membership Site Using Ultimate Member Plugin

This is a beginner’s guide on how to create an easy membership site using a FREE plugin called Ultimate Member.

I will take you through step by step on how to:

  • Set up user profiles
  • Add user profiles
  • Adding Ultimate Member menu pages to your menu
  • Logging in

Just to note I’m doing this on my local WordPress. The site ‘Ada Design’ is my fictitious design agency

On to the first step we go…

1. Install Ultimate Member and activate it

Click on Plugins > Add New and search for ‘Ultimate Member

Ultimate member plugin
Ultimate member plugin – I can’t resist that smile either

Once the install has finished click Activate

ultimate member plugin

2. Access the dashboard

Now that you have installed the plugin it will appear on your side menu, hover over the Ultimate Member text then click on Dashboard

Hover over ultimate member text

The dashboard allows you to keep track of all your users.

Ultimate Member dashboard

3. How to add users

Click on the Add New button on the dashboard page.

Add New button
Add New button


After clicking the button you’ll be taken to the Add New User Form. Fill in your new user credentials and change the role to Administrator so the user is unrestricted viewing pages.

Add New User Form
Add New User Form


Click the Users link on the dashboard to view the user you just created. I had already had created a user with admin privileges below.

New user added
New user added

4. Take a look at the new pages created automagically

Ultimate Member plugin makes life easier for you by creating pages. Click on Pages to see them, anything appended with UM is a new page that Ultimate Member has created.

New Ultimate Member pages
New Ultimate Member pages


5.  Add Login & Register pages to the Menu bar

In order for users to access your membership site, you need to add the newly created Login & Register UM pages to your menu bar.  Go to Appearance > Menu

Menu option

Once you are there you will need to click on the create a new menu link, call your new menu an appropriate name like Ultimate Member just so you know exactly what it is for.

Have a look at the Pages section and select the pages you want to be displayed on the Top Nav. The below screenshot shows that I ticked Register & Login pages and that the display location is set to Top Nav. Depending on your theme, you may have different options as to where the navigation can be displayed, so just keep that in mind. Lastly, click the Save Menu button!

Menu page - WordPress
Menu page


Visit your site and see that the register and login pages are displayed, positioned correctly and clickable.

Register & Login links displayed

6. Login as your new user

Navigate to your Ultimate Member Login page, by clicking on the Login link you just added to your homepage. You can also access it by going to Pages click on the Login – UM Login page then click the permalink.

Now Log in with the user credentials you created previously.

Ultimate Member Login page

Click the Login button!

Note: If you are redirected back to the WordPress dashboard click “Visit site > Login” and then you will see this page

Ultimate Member User area
UM-User area

7. Add Account Information

Once you click on the Your account link displayed will be account information for the user to fill.

Your account details
Your account details

Note: it’s best practice to not add a space in your username, unsure why I did this!

Click View profile and upload a cover photo.

To upload a profile photo click on the faceless grey circle and click upload photo


cover photo

This looks much better

profile photo


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