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How to use WordPress to build a free website

WordPress is all around us, did you know that WordPress usage on the internet is around 30% according to data from You need to be a part of this. Traditionally, WordPress is used as a blogging platform but now it can be used for anything! Such as building your own FREE WordPress website. The array of plugins (that extends the functionality of your site) which are now available mean the possibilities are indeed endless.  It is just so easy, there is literally no excuse to NOT have a website.

So, let me take you through the easy peasy steps of building a website for free – no payment card necessary.

Go to

Yes, it starts here – duh. Go to and scroll down and select the Free option. All the other options allow you to do more with WordPress such as edit and upload your own themes. But we aren’t here for that yet. However, should you need any help with anything, I’m here for you. Go ahead and click the Get Started button.


Let’s Create a Site

Go ahead and add some basic info about your website, It can be anything. I’ve thought of a fictitious  restaurant business called Bills Best brunch. Click Continue on the page.


Give Your Site an Address

Think carefully here, take some time to think about what you want your address to be. As you can see that the free plans have WordPress in the URL. To be honest with you, this does not scream professional and I would not recommend having a domain like this. If you are serious about your website then get an address you have to pay for – which is inexpensive. But if you’re looking for a free website this will do! Click the Select button.


Pick a website plan

Select the free plan Start with Free.


Create your account

WordPress seems to be a bit picky and rather you pick a working address…a regular email will do. When you’ve done that then click  Continue.


You Made it! Your site is live

Click the button to view you site…But wait, this actually didn’t work for me! If you run into this blip click the log in button on the top right. I guess WordPress wants to get you to buy a domain (address). When you finally get in you’ll be presented with this page below.

Note the speech bubble of why having your own web address is better!.


Go to your site

On the left hand side click the button View Site. You like it? This theme is the same theme for my blog but I just changed the colours via css. Click on the blue button Visit Site on the right to see your site without the menu options on the left.



That is it! You have built your own website for free and you didn’t even see one line of code or break a sweat. The fun does not stop here though, you are free to add pages, images,  posts, menus etc to your new site. In my next post I will show you how.

There are other content management systems you can use, such as Drupal and Joomla  but they are not as popular as WordPress. But feel free to explore the different options!

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